April 28, 2020

It feels like I haven't been here for very long.

I feel like i just moved to Maine, but I've been here for more than a month now. I feel pretty good about quarantine because honestly, I was a bit of a shut in before and life hasn't shifted too much other than the move from Connecticut to Maine.

I've run my business from home for quite some time now. We had an office space, and a beautiful office space at that, but it just wasn't the right thing. Getting an office space really felt, at least to me, like we were more of a legitimate business. Potential clients always asked where our office was, how many people were working for us, etc. And it felt great to tell them, "Yes, our office space is an old mill building thats been transformed, its very up-and-coming, and it's located in the beautiful Northwest corner of Connecticut." but did that really matter to them? Nah.

I got the office for a myriad of reasons, the largest of which was that I was spending huge amounts of time in the car driving to and from clients, I had hoped that getting an office space would take some of the pressure off me and bring them to my little corner of the world. I found, pretty quickly, that that was not the case. They loved the idea that we had an office, that the seven of us were sitting nearby one another, typing and designing away.

The office space was, however, a great spot to do portrait photography. My employees would come to the office every now and again, but as long as they were being productive, I didn't much care where they were working. Which left me with a large, open, beautifully lit studio space for portraits. We did all get together one day to do reCreative portraits, but generally I'd have photography clients come there to photograph them.

To get to my point - we moved out of our office space last June. There was really no solid reason to keep paying for a space that was barely being used. So for the last (almost) year, we've all been working from home and doing it very productively.

In that sense, the pandemic hasn't effected my life in any major way.... I was working from home already, I was ordering groceries online already (I strongly dislike going to the grocery store), the only major change is my location. To start off quarantine, I was in the middle of selling my home in Connecticut and building a tiny home. Because of the unemployment rate, I decided to close on the house early and got out of there a month earlier than originally planned. That being said, my tiny home has not even begun to be built because of the pandemic. The builders will hopefully be moving forward in the next few weeks but nothing is guaranteed right now.

It was a real struggle to move myself out of my home of five years by myself. Because I'm going tiny, the majority of my stuff went in the trash or was donated... The furniture was mostly family pieces, my grandmothers old furniture, other nice furniture I had acquired over the years, which I had to pack all of that up for eventual delivery to my parents house so they could each choose what pieces they wanted.

That was the hardest part of all of this, moving out of my first real home, the first home I created for myself, packing up all my belongings alone and trying to keep it all together. But - on to tinier and better things.

Because of this, my boyfriend Alex, my dogs, Willomena, Sebastien, Elvis, and I are quarantining in my family home in Maine.

I still work every day, The only real change is not being able to see friends and family in real life. Since Alex has joined me in Maine, life has gotten a lot easier. Even as an introvert, being alone all day every day without the possibility of seeing another human being can put a toll on you, especially when you're going through such a large life event.

Days and weeks go by and I feel like it was only a moment, but I guess that's a good thing. Maine has extended their stay-at-home order, the closing of the beaches and public parks, and most businesses until June 30th, so we still have some time to enjoy the waves and sunshine mostly alone here. Hopefully by then, the tiny home will be mostly completed and almost ready for delivery.

Talk soon.