Days go by.
May 5, 2020

Hi. I'm Meg.

You probably already knew that... you are, after all, on my website. I'm not much of a writer. Not much of an internet person, which is ironic because I work in digital marketing and spend the majority of my working time online. (And am literally writing this online right at this very moment...) I'm not 'much of an internet person' in the way that I just don't love or connect with the internet. I don't like its deceit of facts, endless opinions, and constant need for appreciation on social media. I admit, I'm sure I've been guilty of posting all of the above, and maybe this post itself is partially related to that, but I aspire to not get sucked into the big black hole vortex that is the internet.

I run two businesses, one, my photography business, which you are currently visiting, and the other, reCreative & Co., my marketing & design collaborative.

Now-why am I introducing myself here? Really, it's because I'd like to keep an account of all thats going on right now. Both within myself & my businesses, as well as in the world.

It's 4/28/2020, I turned 32 yesterday, the world is in the middle of a pandemic, some of my friends and family have lost their jobs because of it or are sick and trying to get better, my dog has chosen now to lose her mind, and on top of all of that, I recently sold my home, got rid of 95% of my belongings, and decided to build a tiny house and move to the seacoast of Maine with my boyfriend Alex and my three dogs, Willomena, Sebastien, and Elvis.

Like I said before, I'm not great at writing, so I'm not honestly sure how often I will post here or if it will even be relevant to anyone but myself, but this is my record of life as it is.